What we do

What's the Purpose of the enhance Teaching Schools Alliance Collaboration?

Our aim is to work as an equal partner with schools to foster a collegiate and collaborative approach to creating effective and dynamic improvements in education for the children in our collective care. This can be accomplished through supporting the development of strong collaborative working partnerships and relationships between schools and the various partners and providers that we work with.

We will achieve this through:

  • Engaging with all schools to identify local issues and needs
  • Working with schools to re-engineer how school improvement and support services are delivered
  • Promoting core values of openness, transparency, trust, and valuing uniqueness
  • Using quality assured challenge and scrutiny
  • Creating a self-governed and self-sustaining enterprise.

What's a Teaching School Alliance (TSA)?

A Teaching School Alliance (TSA) is led by a teaching school and include schools being supported and strategic partners. The teaching school identifies, develops, and co-ordinates expertise that will result in:

    • Better results for pupils
    • More good and outstanding schools (and therefore fewer poorly performing schools)
    • A self-improving and sustainable system.
The six core areas of responsibility (sometimes referred to as the "Big 6") for teaching schools are:

    • School-led initial teacher training
    • Continuing professional development (CPD)
    • Supporting other schools
    • Identifying and developing leadership potential
    • Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
    • Research and Development (R&D).

How are Teaching School Alliances Funded?

Teaching schools receive an annual grant from the government to support the vision of a school-led system. The funding is:

    • Provided to build leadership and administrative capacity within the Teaching School Alliance
    • Generally not provided for the delivery of training or other support services.
A TSA must agree terms and conditions with the National College for Teaching and Leadership, and they complete an annual return detailing how the funding was spent, and how this met the objectives of their TSA action plan.


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